To play to win, you have to top-up money onto your Yipiii account first. This cash balance can be withdrawn at any time.
Choose your favourite items from Europe´s leading retailers and try to win it, before buying it with Yipiii´s fully certified real-time gaming system.
If you win, the product is yours for free. It will be directly delivered to you without any extra cost.
If you buy a product through Yipiii you will get back the amount of stakes refundable per that product.

If you decide to buy later or a different product, your stakes stay valid. You will get stakes back whenever you do your next purchase.

With Yipiii´s RISK-FREE system you can´t lose!
Cash: The cash balance is the available money on your account for playing or withdrawing.
Stakes: Every time you play, 1£ becomes 1£ stake. When you buy products through Yipiii, stakes will be refunded onto your cash account.