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Yipiii is the world's first "Winmarket" system: A revolutionarily new business concept that enriches the shopping experience with an entertaining gaming element, giving shoppers a chance to win their shopping before buying them while still getting refunds on purchases.

Yipiii launched in 2012 in the UK following 4 intensive years of development, testing, and perusing a European Class 1 Gaming licence. Although not really a "gaming" site, users still top-up money and get money back. As such, Yipiii wanted to follow the very highest standards in existing gaming regulations, transparency, and best practices.

The Yipiii executive team came from a highly regarded professional marketing background with the idea of injecting entertainment into the shopping experience and taking the loyalty idea and cash-back system onto a whole new level.

“We believe it will change shopping habits forever. Because of the risk-free system, there is no reason not to try to win what you already want to buy. I know it"s a bit of a trite phrase, but it really is a no brainer.”

For the gaming element, Yipiii holds a full European Gaming Licence that is monitored by the EU gaming authorities and abides by the highest standards of online security and player protection.

Yipiii chose to launch in the UK first as it is Europe"s most mature and e-commerce market. Consumers can play to win over 1,000,000 products from the world"s biggest online shopping brands. Yipiii also created a Mobile App for IOS and Android and a "Yipiii App" that enables users to play directly on retailers" websites.

The "Yipiii App" can be simply dragged onto the bookmarks bar - like a link - and whenever you"re on the retailer"s product page of an item you want to play for, you can simply click on the "WinIt-App" link and the tool superimposes itself over the item in the page for you to play for it.

“Interestingly, what we"re already seeing is that many people are playing to win an aspirational item that costs more than they can afford, and then, if they lose, are getting the played money refunded when buying the item they can really afford.”

The beauty of the Yipiii system is you can even play for what you want in one shop and get a refund for buying something else in another shop. So essentially, shoppers are not restricted in their shopping choices. Although Yipiii is seen as a new loyalty shopping site more than a gaming site, it also offers more.

“Another trend is that a lot of people are sending "plays" to people as gifts, which they can then use to try and win whatever they want most.”
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